"One Sound" video tutorials

"One Sound" Series

Video 1

How to make music using toilet seat

First video tutorial from the "One Sound" series. In this film I use the sound of a falling toilet seat.  Enjoy watching!


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"One Sound" Series


How to make music using one sound

I decided to make a series of films in which I will show you some tips and tricks on how to create music using only one sample.

"Two piano themes" series

"Five" and "Light" themes

on piano

From time to time I will put videos with piano themes from my music pieces. In the first movie from the "Two Piano Themes" series I recorded fragments of the tracks "Five" and "Light" from the album "Horror And Hope".

Music Videos

"Horror And Hope"

Video clip

FILMED & EDITED BY Mateusz Tereszkiewicz (tereszkiewicz1@o2.pl) WRITTEN BY Marek "Kaktus" Drzewiecki & Mateusz Tereszkiewicz BASED ON IDEA Marek "Kaktus" Drzewiecki & Mariusz D. MUSIC BY Marek "Kaktus" Drzewiecki CAST Marek "Kaktus" Drzewiecki, Sid, Mariusz D., Lidia D., Fupp DIRECTED BY Mateusz Tereszkiewicz

What People Say

Nice composition! It starts off in a suspenseful setting and transitions to a nice melodic melody, it plays like it would be in a film with cuts or scenes returning back to the main theme. Nicely orchestrated with a great variety of instruments that execute the feel and point of interest. I myself enjoy film music, being a composer myself can relate. This has great potential to be in a film for sure. Nicely done.

Reviewed by Jordan (New Age Music), composition: Fight, Dead And Hope

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