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"One Sound" Video Tutorials

I decided to make a series of films in which I will show you some tips and tricks on how to create music using only one sample.


Do you have any suggestions on what sound I could use to create music? Write a comment on Patreon.

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"Two piano themes" series

From time to time I will put videos with piano themes from my music pieces.

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Album "Horror And Hope"

Here you will find some tracks from "Horror And Hope" album.


About This Album

Everyone knows the music of the horror genre. There are many movies with a great and scary soundtrack. I didn't want to duplicate this type of music and I looked at it from a different perspective. On the one hand I wanted the compositions to be gloomy and dark, on the other hand I wanted the album to sound calm, melancholic and reflective. This album is a combination of two different, contrasting moods into one coherent whole.

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Maxi Single "Cinematic Themes 1"

Here you will find some songs from the maxi-single "Cinematic Themes 1".

About This Maxi-Single

My first maxi-single with film music. In each of the maxi-singles "Cinematic Themes" I will put 3 tracks in different moods.

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Here you will find some of my songs that I present as videos.

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Music Videos

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Other Videos

What People Say

Nice composition! It starts off in a suspenseful setting and transitions to a nice melodic melody, it plays like it would be in a film with cuts or scenes returning back to the main theme. Nicely orchestrated with a great variety of instruments that execute the feel and point of interest. I myself enjoy film music, being a composer myself can relate. This has great potential to be in a film for sure. Nicely done.

Reviewed by Jordan (New Age Music), composition: Fight, Dead And Hope

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